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This fruit dessert uses Pistachio Delight as a topping. Pistachio Delight is a powder that can be combined with Cream Cheese, Plain Yogurt, Cool Whip; Sour Cream or other products and combinations. It can be used as a condiment, dip, filling, frosting, sauce, spread, topping and even as a beverage. You can download recipe suggestions from the Product Catalog page. Enjoy this Gourmet Surprise as well as all the other products offered. We have something for every occasion, whether simple or elaborate; banquet or catered; large or small. Our products are available in gift boxes, trays and snack packages and are ideal for fundraising. Special orders are welcomed. Trays of any size, amount or occasion. Pick up by appointment.

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Poverello Delights
is sponsored by
Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi.
Proceeds support the sisters in their work of continuing the mission of Jesus.

Sister Evelyn Brokish
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Pistachio Delight - a gourmet surprise! 
Chocolate Beverages (eight distinctly delightful flavors!)
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